July 25, 2014

KCW July 2014: Day 2, 3, & 4 Recap

I'm still here! I will admit, Day 2 was a bust as far as the challenge goes. But for a really good reason. The girls and I got a semi-surprise visit from my mom and sister. I knew they were coming, but plans changed and they arrived much earlier than anticipated. So instead of getting my hour sewing time in, I spent some awesome quality time with them. So much fun!

Even though I didn't sew on Day 2 I did make my time up on Day 3 and 4. I have had these dresses cut since before I had baby B, but I didn't get a chance to sew them up. So since my self made theme of this challenge is "complete my procrastination", this was a great project for me to finish. 

This is the Butterfly Dress (baby and girls) by Tie-dye Diva. This was a pattern that I discovered early on in my pdf pattern discovery and I truly love it. It had been a while since I made it, and I feel in love with it all over again. It is actually a pretty quick sew despite how it looks. And there are so many options that you can get several different looks.

I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the dresses on my girls, but it is pouring outside today. Not to mention J was in no mood to try anything on. Ugh! Maybe another time.

Today's (Day 5) goal is to try and figure out what my new embroidery machines issue is. I don't know what it's problem is, but it better start behaving. So I will probably not have much to show for today, so I will see you in a day or two with another recap. 

July 22, 2014

KCW July 2014: Day 1 Recap

Well actually day 1 and day zero. I started this on Sunday (the day before the challenge started). I worked on this oh so sweet newborn set. I was super excited when I got this order because it was owl themed! And boy do I love how it turned out.

It was a bit more of a challenge to find a boyish owl print then I expected, but I really, really love this one. I'm sad that I didn't buy any extra. I might just have to go get more :) The blanket was a self drafted (if you can even call it that as it's just a square). Kids just love the minky fabric, so these blankets are perfect for cuddly little ones.

The outfit made many different changes over it evolution into the final product, but I love it so much. I was originally planning on using my new machine to applique an owl on the shirt, but it is not behaving properly and I didn't want to waste my sewing time diagnosing it's issue. I just loved the owls in the fabric so much that I decided to cut some out and manual applique them. So, so happy of did! I love it so much I in almost don't want to on send it off.

The pants are one of my favorite pant patterns. I mean come on...those pockets are to die for! It is the Pier 49 Pants by Peek-a-boo Patterns. One of my favorite features of the pattern is the roll up pant legs, and is originally why I choose this pattern. But I thought the grey was a little plain and the idea of adding the cuff just came to me. And again I'm just love the with the final result!

The hat was a new item for me. I found this pattern and loved all the different options for wear. I mean 4 hats in one... how can you in beat that?! The pattern was well written and I love the final results. It came out slightly bigger than I was hoping, but that was just my mis-judgement on size selection (nothing to do with the pattern). On the bright side, the little man will be able to wear it longer ;)

Well I'm off to get started on day two...

July 21, 2014

Kids Clothes Week July 2014

kid's clothes week

Well it's that time again. Kids Clothes Week is back.  And yes, I am attempting it with a three week old! I may be nuts, but I really love the KCW challenge. I am actually much more productive when under a deadline and the challenge lights that same fire under my booty. I am feeling ready to get back into the game full time and this will be a good trial run to see how things go with two little ones aroud.

My plan this go around is to work on some items that have been on my to-do list for far to long. For instance, J walked around with the "pony fabric" I bought for her dress for her last birthday party for days before I made the dress. She called it her blanket. So about a month after her birthday I ordered another yard to make her an actual blanket... Her birthday is in August. You read that right. Yeap, as in a month from now. Maybe I'll make it a gift this year. LOL

I have some other projects for both girls that I would like to get done, but first up I have an order for a sweet little set for a new baby boy that I'm going to make.  So look for that as day one recap tomorrow.

So stick around for a week of seeing my procrastination at it's finest. Here's hoping I do a better job at keeping up with the blog than I did last time ;)

May 8, 2014


I have been getting many request for outfits for cuties involved in weddings lately. So I thought I would share a few of them with you.

You may remember this seersucker beauty from a while back. I posted a pic on Facebook and you all fell in love. It inspired a rainbow of seersucker flutter dresses in my sewing room and I was in love!

May 6, 2014

Pattern Review - Bay Dress/Top by Brownie-Goose

And my love affair with Brownie-Goose continues. The new Bay dress is indescribable! I mean get a load of that back... swoon! (and that is not even how it is really suppose to look!) I know I say it pretty much every time she release a new pattern, but this really is my favorite. I just don't now how she does it!

When the sneak peak of this dress was released about a week before its release, I literally saved a screen shot on my phone and would look at it every day! I could not wait to get my hands on it and start creating.

I did make a mistake when cutting the bodice (I didn't listen to Ms. Amy... shame on me!) and the top was actually too big. But J would not let me take it off her, so I had the genius idea to put both button holes on one button making the bodice much smaller. It was a quick fix that allowed her to wear it and avoided the fit we would have had if I had taken it off her :) And I think it didn't look half bad either! Although you don't get see that gorgeous curve of the skirt... Here is what the back is suppose to look like. Amazing right?!

May 5, 2014

Easter 2014

So I have been really bad about keeping up with posting things online these days! Yes I realize that Easter was over a month ago, but I just got the photos added to my computer today. Yeah... I also wanted to share more photos of the two Easter orders I worked on. So here you have it... Easter 2014 over a month late :)

April 14, 2014

KCW - Day 5, 6, & 7 Recap

So I totally slacked on the remainder of Kid's Clothes week. I did sew on days 5 & 6, but we had the air condition go out on the evening of day 6, so we spent a great deal of day 7 (including any sewing time I had) installing some window AC units so this prego lady could stay cool. So at least is was for a very good reason right?

Day 5 I made these adorable Darby Shorts (pattern from the ever amazing Brownie-Goose) to go with J's FSU Tilly (yet another fabulous Brownie-Goose pattern) that I made a while back for J. We were headed to the Garnet and Gold Game Saturday (day 6) and she has was in serious need of some new bottoms.